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Experiences available until 17 march

A journey to the renascence of the forest

On these short days, some rainy, some sunny, there are details of nature that are normally hidden from our gaze that stand out.
Mosses, lichens, colours and shapes of trunks, the wonderful fresh air, and the carpet of autumn leaves that remains.
The availability of weekend and weekday experiences is similar.

Bring your picnic! There is a picnic area in our forest, use it!
The picnic area is for the exclusive use of our visitors, and is close to other facilities (toilets, cafeteria and shop) and next to the car park.

Please note that animals are not allowed to be fed.

There are 4 marked and signposted trails that you can do independently, with different levels of difficulty and duration.
We provide a free audio guide system where you can access more information and, in addition to this, it allows you to locate yourself in real time without the traditional use of printed maps, making the visit more sustainable.
Single ticket from 4 years onwards: 5 euros

Pay attention to the regulated visiting hours of the Tapada Nacional de Mafra, and especially the closing time, which is displayed at the ticket office.
-Once the doors have closed, we are not responsible for ensuring that visitors can leave.
-On the directional signs you will find the arrow with the colour and name of the footpath.
-ALL walks start at the directional sign behind our ticket office.

Blue Footpath – 4.5km
Time needed 1h to 2h to be done calmly and fully.
If you have small children, or in a pram, it’s hot or you simply can’t or don’t like long walks, then the blue footpath is ideal.

All the other trails are roughly the same length, an average of 8km, what makes them different is the valley slopes they cover! Due to the topography and type of terrain we do not recommend this route for families with small children in prams or pushchairs!

The red and green footpath follow the same slope, the gorse path. They pass through an area of pasture, much frequented by herds of fallow deer especially at dusk.
They go through different valleys until they reach the top, which is common.
The descent is steeper on the red route, but has more shade, while the green route the descent is gentler, but exposed to the sun!

Red footpath: 8km
Estimated time: more than 2 hours.
Difficulty degree: Moderate

Green footpath: 8kms
Estimated time: 3 hours.
Difficulty degree: Moderate

Yellow footpath: 8kms
Follow the opposite slope of the two paths; green and red.
It goes through an area with less visitors and still finds the largest cork oak in the Tapada. It is so imposing that it has earned the status of tree of public interest.
A very rich and calm trail, it crosses one of the highest areas of the Forest which gives it a view of the Enchanted Forest and increases the probability of seeing birds of prey.
Estimated time: 3 hours.
Difficulty degree: Moderate

-Mountain Bike Tour
Bring your bike and opt for a ride on wheels.
There are two routes to choose from: white or yellow (8 to 14 km).

Single ticket from 4 years onwards: 6 euros

-Forest Run
Medium difficulty
Distance 14 Km.
Single ticket for ages 4 and up: 5 euros

A visit by electric car, more sustainable and ecological through the main valley.
With the use of an audio guide
This experience is available every day, but at different times on weekends and national holidays. Check the timetables.

Note: Does not include access to other experiences.

Duration: 45 minutes
Distance: about 7.5 km through the main valley
Adult ticket (>12 years): 10.5 euros
Child ticket from 1 to 3 years old: 5 euros
Child ticket for children aged 4 to 12 years: 7.5 euros
Senior ticket (+65 years old): 8.5 euros

-Finding the Tapada
Explore the Enchanted Forest, its history and biodiversity in a guided tour.
In an ecologically sustainable visit, enjoying the silence of an electric vehicle, the guide will help to interpret and explain all the aspects of the Tapada.
The route runs through the entire main valley, but climbs to one of the highest points, giving you the best view of the entire forest.
Throughout the visit you will be able to contemplate the most emblematic species; fallow deer, deer and wild boar, as well as observe magnificent landscapes.

Duration: 60 min

Available at weekends and national holidays.

Adult ticket (>12 years): 12 euros
Children from 4 to 12 years of age: 8.5 euros
Children 1-3 years old: 5 euros
Senior ticket (+65 years old): 9.75 euros

We organize a picnic for you
Traditional basket (34.5€) or healthy basket (38€) for 4 people.

Enjoy our outdoor picnic.
Orders only with a minimum of 48h in advance.
Contact us at rececao@tapadademafra.pt or call 261814240.

Buy your tickets online.

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