Experiences available until 10 september

Prepare to be captivated by fresh green landscapes, beautiful free-living animals, and inquisitive-looking cubs.

Various experiences take place every day, which are grouped into day passes.
Come early and enjoy your enchanted forest and all the experiences included in your day pass.pring brings beauty, mild temperatures, nature in abundance, an immense joy when we see the young of different species.

Bring your picnic! There is a picnic area in our forest, use it!
The picnic area is for the exclusive use of our visitors, and is close to other facilities (toilets, cafeteria and shop) and next to the car park.

Please note that it is not allowed to feed the animals or bring pets

It is the visitor who chooses the sequence of experiences, meaning that he can enter at 9am, organise his day according to his preferences; for example, do the morning walk, followed by the flight of birds of prey, have a break for lunch, resume or not the experiences in the afternoon and leave when it is more convenient.


1-Trail in the forest
Includes access to the experiences; Footpaths / Mountain Bike Tour / Forest Run/ Bees and the Forest / The flight of birds of Prey

-Footpath(click for more information)

-Mountain Bike Tour
Bring your bike and opt for a ride on wheels.
There are two routes to choose from: white or yellow (8 to 14 km).

Forest Run
Medium difficulty
Distance 14 Km.

2- Adventure Park na Tapada (tree climbing circuit) + Trail in the Forest

3- Walk in the Tapada
Includes access to the experiences; Footpaths/ Bees and the Forest / The flight of birds of prey / A visit in an electric car with a guide “Knowing the Tapada”(11h15 e 15h)

Knowing the Tapada
Visit the Enchanted Forest, its history and biodiversity, on a guided tour.
In an ecologically sustainable visit, enjoying the silence of an electric vehicle, the guide will help to interpret and explain all aspects of the Tapada.
The route runs through the entire main valley, but climbs to one of the highest points, giving you the best view of the entire forest.
Throughout the visit you will be able to contemplate the most emblematic species; fallow deer, deer and wild boar, as well as observe magnificent landscapes.

Duration: 75 min
When you buy your ticket, you are only selecting the time you will enjoy the visit in the electric car.
Timetable: 11h15 and 15h

4 -Eco-Tour- Day Pass

Includes access to the experiences; Footpaths/ Bees and the Forest / The flight of birds of prey / a visit in an electric car with audio-guide “Eco-Tour”(11h30 e 15h20)

5-Horse-drawn Carriage Ride – Now also on day pass
Take a carriage ride in the enchanted forest to the sound of the right cadence and relaxing step, accompanied by the sound of birds and the contemplation of the Forest from a differentiating point of view.

Get ready to breathe the fresh and pure air, while the sun’s rays are filtered through the treetops, it is an experience that renews the spirit and revitalises the body.

This year we have as a novelty, you can choose between the day pass “Carriage ride + Trail in the forest” or just the “Carriage ride” experience.

If you choose the day pass, in addition to the carriage ride experience, you also have access to:
Footpath + “The flight of birds of prey” + “Bees and the forest” and mountais bike tour.

When you buy your ticket, you only have to select the time you will enjoy the “Horse-drawn carriage ride” experience.
Come early and enjoy your day pass to the full.
Duration of the carriage ride: 1 hour
The horse-drawn carriage ride takes place through the main valley.
Times: 10.30am / 11.45am / 4pm / 5.15pm

On Day Pass

Adult ticket (>12 years): 17,5€
Ticket for children from 4 to 12 years old: 12,5€

Carriage ride – Does not allow access to any other experience.
Adult ticket (>12 years): 12,5€
Ticket for children from 4 to 12 years old: 9,5€

Experiences that are part of your day pass, which you can’t miss!

These experiences take place at various times, choose the session whose time suits you best.

Bees and the Forest
The wonderful world of bees! The role of bees in maintaining biodiversity.
How many species are there? Why are they important for nature?
Duration: 45 min
Times:12h30 and 14h

The Flight of Birds of Prey
In a session that allows some proximity between the visitor and birds of prey, we hope to surprise you with the observation of the majestic flight of nocturnal birds of prey as well as the agile and fast flight of diurnal birds.
The differences between species, the importance of their conservation and aspects of their biology are some of the topics covered, allowing you to discover more about birds of prey.
Duration: 30 min
Times: 10h30 and 16h30

We organize a picnic for you
Traditional basket (34.5€) or healthy basket (38€) for 4 people.

Enjoy our outdoor picnic.
Orders only with a minimum of 48h in advance.
Contact us at rececao@tapadademafra.pt .

End of day experiences

Knowing the Tapada- 16h45

Eco-Tour -17h

Buy your tickets online.

Don’t miss a thing!

Open everyday 9 a.m – 19 p.m
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