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Current Program

In the current post-Covid-19 context, it is necessary to know how to enjoy the best that Nature gives us, always in safety.

We are already open and you can now enjoy the ENCHANTED FOREST,
the fresh air and nature in full
freedom. Create and share good times with your loved ones.

Over time we will increase the availability of activities and create new ways to visit us, always in safety and in a family context.

It is important that you know and comply with our rules for your and our safety.

Also respect the rules issued by the DGS.


Our Forest is beautiful and should be enjoyed by everyone in


Know and comply with our safety rules.

-The ticket office is closed. Get your tickets online on our website or at blueticket.pt

-Plan your visit at home, choose the activity or program, if there is any document to support the activity you have chosen, download it and bring it with you when you come to visit us.

-Comply with the times of the sessions for which you purchased your ticket. We want to promote security and social distance.

-Avoid queues, if you have doubts during the planning of your visit, contact us!

-When you arrive at TNM, contact the ticket office staff presenting your electronic ticket.

– Inside the store or on the train it is mandatory to wear a mask.



SCHEDULE 09h30 18h30
Evert Day

Click on the image of each ACTIVITY for more information.

Download the walking route you want to enjoy.

Get your tickets at our online store!

Avoid queues and crowds.

Follow the schedules of the chosen session.


Venture out on a long stroll in the Enchanted Forest.
There are four differently coloured routes (blue, green or red) in accordance with their respective length, level of dificulty and the slopes encountered.

Don’t forget to download the map.

Participant: 4€
Family: 13€ (2 adults + 2 children from 4-12 years old)

Note: This activity is only available on monday to friday.

Bicycle Renting

To take a ride on wheels just rent one of our bikes (8 Km).



Participant: 15€ | Maximum of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Percursos BTT

On mountain bike

Bring your bike and take a two-wheeled tour. Choose one of the three routes: white or yellow (8 a 14 Km).


Participant: 5€ | Family: 15€ (2 adults + 2 children from 4-12 years old)

On mountain bike tour

We prepared a diferent trail to get to know the Tapada Nacional de Mafra on two wheels. Requires pre-booking 48h in advance and a minimum number of 2 people.
Included with any tour: Bicycle, helmet, certified guide, water and accident insurance.

Duration: Variable

Single ticket: 35€ (Minimum of 2 people)
4 to 6 People – 30€ per Person
7 or more People – On request

Corrida na Floresta

Running the Forest

We have set out an exclusive route with an average level of difficulty for those who appreciate the challenges of going all-terrain! Get together with a group of friends and do a mini-marathon in the Forest. Only available on working days. Over 15 km.


Participant: 4€

Note: This activity is only available on monday to friday.

Carriage Rides

Discover the charm of the Enchanted Forest along the main valley. The haughtiness of the carriage allows you to contemplate the Forest from a different point of view, always accompanied by the characteristic sound of nature and the horse’s trot.

Duration: 60 min

Adult: 10€ | Children to 12 years old: 8,5€ | Sénior (adult > 65 years): 8,5€
Capacity: 6 People

Note: Use of mask required during the activity. The available capacity is 6 tickets per tour, in order to maintain proper distance and compliance with the rules.
The Charrete is not exclusive! If you want exclusivity you must purchase all tickets.
The total capacity of the cart is 9 people, but it will only be complete if it is by a cohabiting family group. If this is the case for you, purchase the 6 tickets available and contact our services to book the rest.

Atelier “Discover Falconry”

Find out a little about the admirable world of Birds of Prey and participate in this world using falconry techniques.

The fundamental tools in the practice of Falconry, the food, health and well-being of a Bird of Prey. Free flight, like receiving a bird in your own hand.

Duration: 90 min

Single ticket: 14€
Maximum capacity: 10 people per session

Note: As part of the fight against COVID – 19, all participants in this activity will be provided with gloves. The individual protection mask (PPE) is mandatory to use.


Discovering the different birds of prey flying in complete freedom of action.

This activity is also included in Pack 360º and Enchanted Circuit Pack.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Single ticket: 4 €
Every day – Weekends and working days

Nota: No âmbito do combate ao COVID – 19 a todos os participantes desta atividade serão fornecidas luvas. A máscara de proteção individual (EPI) é de utilização obrigatória.

Enchanted circuit pack

Train Ride + Beekeeping Workshop + Free Flight Demonstration. Discover the main valley of the Enchanted Forest on board the tourist train and discover the secrets of beekeeping and falconry.

Duration: 100 min

Adult – 12€ | Child | Sénior – 9€
Family – 37€ (2 adults + 2 children from 4-12 years old)

Note: weekend only. Use of mask required during the activity.

360º Pack 

Footpath + Free Flight Demonstration + Beekeeping Workshop. A pack of activities that allow you to explore the Forest on a pedestrian route (3 routes available from 4 to 8 km) and discover the secrets of beekeeping and falconry.

Attend one of the schedules of the Free Flight Demonstration (10h/ 12h15/ 16h15 / 17h15) and Atelier de Apicultura (10h / 11h/ 14h/ 15h15 ). Use of compulsory mask during the Free Flight Demonstration and Beekeeping Workshop.

Keep your social distance. Follow the guidelines of the DGS.
This pack allows you to be in Enchanted Forest all day.

Person – 10€
Family – 35€ (2 adults + 2 children from 4-12 years old)

Note: weekend only.

Apiculture Workshop

Know all about the wonderful world of bees! This activity is sold separately on weekdays and is included in the 360º Pack and the Enchanted Circuit Pack at weekends.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Person – 4€

Note: Use of mask required during the activity.

On King D. Carlos Tracks

The most emblematic King for the Tapada Nacional de Mafra was D. Carlos. Along an electric car ride, pass through the areas that were marked by the presence of King D. Carlos in the history of Tapada.
Get to know the whole history, visit the most important places and learn about the activities that the King did here. A guided tour to travel back in time.

Duration: 1 hour

Adult – 12€ | Child | Sénior – 9€
Family – 37€ (2 adults + 2 children from 4-12 years old)

Note: Use of mask required during the activity. Available at monday to friday.

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